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The CLUB1040 purpose to reach the unreached of the 1040 window often happens through projects. Your support of the current high priority projects creates capacity to reach thousands more this year.


The October 2019 Revolution in Lebanon brought curfews and limited movement even before the Covid-19 lockdowns were happening. Then the devastating August 4th 2020 blast displaced 300,000 people from their…

$740 of $11,700
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Church Planting Movement : Matching Funds

CLUB1040’s strategic partnership with AIMS.org, and RHEMA Nigeria created an indigenous led movement to reach out to the most strategic UPG’s in Northern Nigeria. This movement is going to the…

$3988 of $6100
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HQ Expansion

The Beirut based MENA team has outgrown their space! CLUB1040 is expanding the MENA Headquarters (HQ) by renovating the floor below our existing HQ. This project doubles the mission headquarters…

$37,390 of $57,000
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Our Pioneering Strategy

Why the 1040 window?

The 1040 Window is an area of the world, located between the 10th and 40th parallels north This is the area of the least reached nations.

85% of unreached people live in that area!

For more on the 1040 window, visit www.joshuaproject.net

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