A Relational Missionary Movement Reaching the Unreached

Our Purpose


Make Jesus known in every nation
where He’s not named.

‘Those who were never told of him—they’ll see him! Those who’ve never heard of him— they’ll get the message!’ (Romans 15:20-21 MSG)

3 CLUB1040

  1. Train Leaders: Establishing Training Centers and Churches in the least-reached nations with a primary focus on Islamic North Africa.
  2. Mobilize Missionaries: Recruit, Equip and Mobilize 1000 missionaries to the field.
  3. Inspire the Church to fulfill the Great Commission in our Generation.

Our Pioneering Strategy

Why the 1040 Window?

Thousands of Solar Powered Audio Bibles

Mobile Giving Explained In 35 Seconds


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    Reversing the Trend

    About CLUB1040

    Club1040 began in 1994 when the Beemer’s moved overseas to work with a small mission organization in Liverpool, England during which time they pioneered a Bible school in East Africa and spent time in South East Asia. It originally started as a way for people and churches to partner with the Beemer’s.

    Shortly after the September 11, 2001 attack, Matt was praying and the Lord ministered to his heart to ‘reverse the trend’. At that time due to financial pressures upon the churches, missionaries were coming off the field in large numbers. Matt realized that the Lord was encouraging him to use his years of missionary experience to help mobilize the church toward the mission field and the fulfillment of the Great Commission.