Matt & Julie Beemer

Matt & Julie Beemer

Missionaries & CLUB1040 Global Directors

The Beemers - CLUB1040 Directors

CLUB1040 Missionaries

The Beemers have been living and ministering overseas for over 20 years. During this time, they have ministered to 6 million people in 3000 services, pioneered 8 Training centers in 5 Countries, supplied Tens of Thousands of books to Africa & the Middle East, established a City-leading church in the UK while having led 50 Short -term Missions to 20 Nations with more than 500 participants.
They are the Founders and Directors of CLUB1040 which provides free admin services & support to help mobilize missionaries to the field.
Matt and Julie travel extensively in the USA, Europe, North Africa and the Middle East to release faith in the global church to bring ‘closure’ to the Great Commission.
They have started & oversee both Rhema Egypt and Rhema Nigeria and are very much involved with Rhema’s expansion into the Middle East.
The Beemer’s have been married for 24 years and currently live in Abuja, Nigeria. They have 2 children, Jonathan who is serving in the US Military & Elisabeth, who is a Sr in High School.