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The CLUB1040 purpose to reach the unreached of the 1040 window often happens through projects. Your support of the current high priority projects creates capacity to reach thousands more this year.


Over the past 20 years CLUB1040 partners have empowered local teams to start more than 15 Bible College campuses in 5 countries resulting in 5000+ leaders trained. With your help,…

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Because of security issues related to the region we are not always able to communicate publicly about some of our activities in the region. 

There are several ‘advance team’ trips planned…

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In 2010 the first bible college campus launched in Alexandria, Egypt. Additional campuses have opened in Cairo, and by the end of 2024 another will formally be approved in upper…

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Our Pioneering Strategy

Why the 1040 window?

The 1040 Window is an area of the world, located between the 10th and 40th parallels north This is the area of the least reached nations.

85% of unreached people live in that area!

For more on the 1040 window, visit www.joshuaproject.net

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