About Club1040

‘Those who were never told of him—they’ll see him! Those who’ve never heard of him— they’ll get the message!’ (Isaiah 52:15 MSG)

Our Purpose


Make Jesus known in every nation where He’s not named. (Romans 15:20-21)

 CLUB1040 - Our Purpose


Matt & Julie Beemer


The Beemers have been living and ministering overseas since 1994…


Rhema Nigeria



We exist as a vital extension of the mandate given to Kenneth E. Hagin in 1950 to ‘go and teach my people faith’ and help usher in the last great move of God’s Spirit and the return of Jesus.


By training leaders who go forth with a pioneering spirit we are raising up a new breed of believers that demonstrate extravagant love, a ‘spirit of faith’, and the power of God while pursuing the lost hearts of the least-reached regions of Africa and beyond.

Rhema Nigeria

5 Goals

By 2020 our aim is to…

  1. Effectively train 50,000 leaders to influence every sphere of society (Church, Media, Government and Business) especially targeting: 5000 pioneering pastors & 5000 new missionaries. See our four-phased plan for accomplishing this.
  2. The Printed Page: We aim to translate dozens of key books from Brother Hagin, Pastor Hagin and other authors for retail distribution and use in our extension campuses. We will focus on those books needed in a Hausa campus and work with established distribution networks will be established throughout the North.
  3. Rhema Media: Nigeria TV & Radio Programs airing both ‘Timeless’ Brother Hagin & Pastor Hagin clips, as well as excerpts from current Rhema Nigeria Media (Internet radio and TV)
  4. Rhema Kids & Youth RBTC Academies: Cooperating with churches & boarding schools throughout Nigeria, train 100k children & youth in the Spirit of Faith and Power of God with age appropriate RBTC Instruction.
  5. Provide a strong Alumni Association with a supportive healthy structure & an active Ministerial Association for Ordination that links with the major governing bodies in Nigeria

Rhema Egypt



Through the integrity of God’s Word and the Power of the Spirit, as well as very practical hands on training, we are equipping highly skilled labourers for the global harvest of this generation.

CLUB1040 - Rhema Egypt