Our Projects

Current Projects

  • New U.S.A. Headquarters
  • Dubai
    Missionary children school scholarships.
  • Project Lebanon Missions Vehicle
    Purchase of a quality used vehicle (2010 or newer)
  • Project Lebanon Launch Budget
    Equipment, Legal Fees, Team Training, & Marketing
  • First Years Rent – Project Lebanon HQ
    This figure allows the first year lease for mission accommodation for lead team with space for teams and guests.

Completed Projects

Thanks to our partners we were able to make great progress on several projects including:

  • Syrian Bread Project (150,000 loaves donated)
  • Arabic Book Project (Translating 75,000 Faith Library Books into Arabic)
  • Repair Nigerian Mission House Battery System
  • 5 New Partner Churches
  • Nigerian Book Project (Printing & Shipping of 120,000 Faith Library Books)
  • Lebanon Outreach
  • Generator for Lebanese church
  • Hausa Bible School Campus in Nigeria
  • Beautiful1040 Beirute Clothing Outreach