Missional Leadership Experience

Go beyond your boundaries, your limits, your ordinary…go beyond yourself!


More than 2.9 billion individuals have not had the chance to hear the name of Jesus, yet. 

But, there is a plan … and you can and are a part of the plan.


Anyone with a heart for missions who is serious about going beyond themselves and willing to face the challenge of going beyond their boundaries, their limits, their ordinary.  Those that want to take the next steps and learn how to affect the nations near and far, at home and abroad in order to complete the Great Commission.


Are you 1 of the 20 apprentice spots available?


To mobilize (prepare & equip) 1,000 well-trained, mission-minded leaders to reach the unreached by 2030.


Equipping you through Applied Learning Challenges including: 

  • Setting SMART “Barrier Breaking” Goals in key areas of your life, then tracking progress, and reaching or exceeding those goals.
  • Establishing a deep connection with your home church through service.
  • Applying financial best practices, stewardship principles, and proven support raising techniques.
  • Building and applying cross-cultural relationships in your own community and overseas.
  • Creating your Plan of Action for “What’s Next”.


6 months from home, 2 months overseas with some US traveling at the beginning and end of the program.

For additional information or questions email gobeyond@club1040.com.