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Thankfully our team – both the missionaries and our local Lebanese team – are ok. So thankful for that!

However, there is serious damage done to most of the churches we connect with in Beirut, but all the leaders are ok. Though several believers are injured, so far, I have had no reports of any church members from any churches being killed.

It’s hard to describe the damage done. It’s truly devastating, and I can only imagine that there will be many more found dead than what is being reported so far. Windows were blown in miles from the blast site, including our apartment about 7 miles away from the port.

Reports even came from Cyprus and Greece feeling or hearing the blast!

Though the cause is still not fully known. The president said that there was 2750 tons of Ammonium Nitrate (Fertilizer) stored in that location for the past six years & without proper safety measures. Also, some munitions may have been stored there – It’s possible a fire started accidentally, or something more malicious, was the original cause. There were two explosions, the second was the massive explosion affecting the entire city. Tension have flared up between Israel and Hezbollah over the past weeks with several Israeli drone & military jet fly overs of Beirut. Israel said they had nothing to do with it, which is probably true.

To compare – The Oklahoma City Bomb with Timothy McVeigh is reported to have been just 2 tons of Ammonium Nitrate – making this explosion 1000 times more powerful.

There has been thousands injured (4000+ already reported)… and hundreds dead.  The main highway goes right by the blast site and it was a busy traffic time – many cars flipped over & buildings were disintegrated along that road.

Many in our church/team had personal apartments & cars with glass doors blown in even miles from the blast – it’s a miracle none were hurt.

Two hospitals in close proximity of the blast had to move all their people and the sick as buildings are unsafe. All the hospitals were already struggling with the economic collapse in the country, and Covid-19 —- now this.

There is no insurance like in the West – the government is broke – Lebanon will be completely dependent on the mercy of the international community for aid to provide $$ for medical supplies, food aid, rebuilding, etc.

For example, major wheat silos located in the port were affected and they help provide grain for the country. So, Lebanon will need help with even the most basic supplies.

A testimony is that our office (4th floor) is quite close (3 miles), but had no damage even though the apt directly above and below had the glass doors blown in.

Our apartment and another missionary family in our team, had windows blown in and damage to furniture – but thankfully both apartments were empty at the time.

We are checking on repair options – our apartment has large glass windows that were blown in and split our dining table – thankfully we were not there as we are often sat working at the table in that location at that time of day.

One of our missionaries and their two children were at another church family’s home – The sliding glass doors blew in, but miraculously no one was even injured – they were all in a different part of the house.

One of our church members was not in their restaurant due to recent Covid lockdown, it was heavily damaged.

Raffi, one of our team we have talked a lot about, and his elderly mother are ok. But they lost their external door and even tiles off their bathroom wall. He had to stay up all night watching his front door because he couldn’t secure their apartment.

Additionally, we were due to arrive back in Beirut on the day this occurred but couldn’t get a peace on our travel plans (and couldn’t get the Covid tests needed in time). On Monday, we pushed our departure to August 20th.

The airport was damaged (not sure how bad) but we understand commercial flights are still landing even though there has been a “State of Emergency” decreed.

Banks are closed for the next two weeks. However, when we return on the 20th, we are bringing as much cash as we can to provide practical assistance to the church leaders across the city. They are leaders with integrity, and we will ensure that 100% of your #LoveLebanon donation goes to help them at their point of greatest need.