Matt & Julie Beemer

Matt & Julie Beemer

Missionaries & CLUB1040 Global Directors


Missionaries to North Africa & the Middle East

In 2019, the Beemer’s celebrate 25 years living and ministering overseas. During this time they have ministered to 6.5 million people in 4000 live services, pioneered 11 Training Centers in 5 Countries, supplied hundreds of thousands of life giving books, and thousands of digital audio bibles to Africa & the Middle East. They also established a city-leading church in the UK that saw hundreds of muslims come to the Lord, and have facilitated 70+ Short-term Missions to 20+ Nations with more than 700 participants.

The Beemer’s are very active in Rhema’s expansion throughout Africa and the Middle East, and lead the Middle East & North Africa (MENA) region office based in Beirut. As founders and International Directors of CLUB1040, the Beemers and their team have three aims:

  • TRAIN indigenous church planters and leaders in partnership with Rhema.
  • MOBILIZE 1000 short, medium or long-term missionaries by 2020 &100 full-time missionaries by 2025.
  • INSPIRE the Church – This generation can be the generation to reach every nation.


After 24 years in missions, and 10 years based in Nigeria, in 2018, the Beemers relocated their main mission outreach to Beirut, Lebanon in order to better position them to mobilize missionaries and establish bible colleges throughout the Middle East North Africa (MENA) region.

Their Two-fold purpose in Lebanon is:

  1. Strengthen Existing Churches and Leaders so Lebanon can fulfill its God-given destiny
  2. Train & mobilize 100+ missionaries for MENA by 2025

There are four parts:

1) GoChurch Beirut:

The Foundation, An English (in Beirut) cell church.
Goal: 100 Groups (cells) throughout the nation in various languages and locations.

GoChurch Beirut will eventually give “birth” to churches in MENA as well. This feeds all aspects of the above vision and influences the most people the quickest. In addition our belief that God see’s the Church as central to creating long-term generational change, GoChurch also is the means whereby all we do in Lebanon will one day be self-sustainable.

2) RBTC MENA Region Team, and Rhema Bible Training College – Beirut, Lebanon:

Training two main types of leaders:
1) Spiritual Leaders (5-fold ministry) – especially church planters and missionaries
2) Supportive Leaders (All types of Helps Ministry)

3) CLUB1040’s Missionary Leadership Training (MLT) Apprenticeship (for MENA):

Targeting graduates from RBTC, both locally and internationally (Brail, French speaking, USA, etc.). We have a partnership developed with Rhema Brazil to mobilize dozens of their alumni to MENA.

4) Other CLUB1040 activities:

In addition to the above three core activities, CLUB1040 also partners with GoChurch Beirut, and RBTC MENA/Lebanon to facilitate mutually beneficial projects and activities as long as those activities feed into each partner’s end goals.

NOTE: In all we do, one of our key objectives is reaching the unreached. So, this outworks like this: GoChurch seeks to be built on unsaved, and de-churched (not transfer growth) members. RBTC’s train leaders how to church plant and evangelize the unreached, using GoChurch as a model. CLUB1040 activities help GoChurch Beirut target the unreached, etc.

How you can go with us: Text the word, ‘BEEMERS’ to the number, 71777 and follow the links. Or, donate at one of the links below to support the Beemers.