Project Lebanon

Phase 3 Goals (2018)

In addition to all we do in Lebanon, Project Lebanon Phase 3 is defined by monthly outreaches, launch team development, “Beemer’s to Beirut” relocation, and culminates with the public launch of GoChurch Beirut which is the foundation for our new missionary headquarters enabling us to train and mobilize 100 missionaries to North Africa and the Middle East by 2025.

6 Monthly Outreaches: $12,000 ($2,000 each)

Hattabaugh Family: Fully Funded

Beemer’s to Beirut:
(A) $35,000 Initial Move
(B) + $3000 New Monthly Partnership

A. Initial Move/Start-up costs
(Visas, flights, shipping, 1 years rent & utilities, misc.)

B. New monthly partner goals for ongoing expenses (28 new partners total $2900/month)

1 new monthly Partner at $500/month
3 new monthly Partners at $300/month
5 new monthly Partners at $100/month
20 new monthly Partners at $50/month

Help us establish a new Missionary HQ in Beirut, Lebanon that will train 100 Missionaries for North Africa and The Middle East by the year 2025!